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The Opportunity to Envision a Health Campus of the Future Built upon a Legacy of Service

In November 2018, Supervisor Hilda L. Solis authored a board motion to initiate a feasibility study to analyze the technical, economic, and community outcomes that could come as a result of repurposing the County's historic General Hospital building.  As the interests, needs and technical considerations were beginning to be explored, the study area was expanded to include vacant and underutilized portions of West Campus to be able to maximize on the Supervisor’s vision and this unique opportunity.

The Feasibility Study concluded in 2022 and was presented to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in May. The Study considered the opportunity this site presents to re-imagine an innovative health campus of the future that serves community and County needs and embraces a whole person and whole community approach to care.

The study’s intent was to ensure that the following goals and values would guide future development:

  • Bring an iconic County asset back to life 

  • Address the County’s tremendous need for housing through a housing and mixed-use campus

  • ​Provide complementary services to the LAC+USC Wellness Center and Restorative Care Village  

  • Focus on a whole person and whole community concept to care

  • Promote mission-aligned development aligned to the Healthy Village Concept

  • Support a healthy, resilient and economically prosperous Eastside community

  • Help vulnerable populations 

  • Accelerate the development timeline and attract creative, best-in-class development partners

  • Ensure community voices and priorities are central  ​

Balancing Opportunities and Needs
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Development Opportunity
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