About the Study

What is a Feasibility Study?


A study of an existing building/area that looks at existing conditions, required improvements, opportunities, and constraints associated with community input and needs, cost and financing.

The study’s purpose is to:

  • Bring iconic County asset back to life 

  • Address the County’s tremendous need for housing

  • Complement services to the LAC+USC Foundation’s Wellness Center and Restorative Care Village  

  • Develop a mission aligned reuse concept for a housing and mixed-use campus 

  • Promote the Healthy Village Concept:

  • Focus on a Whole Person Care concept

  • Support a healthy, resilient and economically prosperous Eastside community

  • Help vulnerable populations 

  • Develop an example of what's possible: a Reuse Framework 

  • Accelerate the study timeline to make-up lost time and take advantage of potential funding streams that have become available this year 

  • Move to the Request For Proposals (RFP) phase and attract creative, best-in-class proposals from multiple developers to ensure this initiative moves forward quickly 

  • Ensure community voices are central to the study and future phases ​

Balancing Community Input and Needs
Study Area
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Project Timeline
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